Getting Here

Villa Pehuenia is located in the central West area of the Province of Neuquen, just 310 km. away from the capital city and 1, 600 km. from Buenos Aires. From Zapala, it may be accessed through two provincial routes: 13, through Primeros Pinos or 46, through Cuesta del Rahue. All those coming from Caviahue will follow National Route 246 up to Pino Hachado and then take Provincial Route 23 up to the access to Villa Pehuenia, where they will come to Provincial Route 13, which crosses the district and ends at Icalma International Pass.

Recommendations: Dear visitors, this mountain village may be visited year round. In the summertime, all accesses are in perfect condition. In the winter, visitors should find out about road conditions in order to avoid any inconvenience. The traffic department may be contacted by calling to 0810-333-7882, or asking at Portal del Pehuen in the City of Zapala or else calling to 02942 - 498044, the Tourist Information Office in the District of Villa Pehuenia. *Remember that it is mandatory to carry snow chains.

Municipality of Villa Pehuenia - Moquehue
Phone / Fax +54 (02942) 498011 / 498027

Compromiso de Calidad Tur{istica Argentina

Tourist Office
Phone+54 (02942) 498044