Villa Pehuenia. Four seasons. Despite being a very young tourist destination, it features an ancient culture and a natural environment with woodlands of monkey-puzzle trees, patient witnesses of history.

This mountain village, nestled in the Andes Mountain Range on the shores of Lakes Aluminé and Moquehue just 310 Km. away from the City of Neuquén and lying at 1,200 meters above sea level, has become the destination chosen by tourists who search to combine quality and safety in their vacations.

Villa Pehuenia Villa Pehuenia Villa Pehuenia Villa Pehuenia
The typical colors of each season dress up the mountains and woodlands surrounding this Patagonian paradise with various hues. Countless sandy beaches give shape to the beautiful local landscape.

A natural portal into the so-called Lake Corridor, it opens up to all those who wish to enjoy real contact with nature within a unique setting of peace and quietness, whether with the family or in the company of friends.


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Municipality of Villa Pehuenia - Moquehue
Phone / Fax +54 (02942) 498011 / 498027
Email info@villapehuenia.gob.ar

Compromiso de Calidad Tur{istica Argentina

Tourist Office
Phone+54 (02942) 498044