The Municipality

The village was officially founded on January 20, 1989 by Decree Nbr 153 passed by the Executive Branch of Government in the Province of Neuquén, which provides for the creation of the Villa Pehuenia Community Action Commission, whose jurisdiction scope includes the entire perimeter of Lakes Aluminé and Moquehue.

The then governor of the Province, engineer Pedro Salvatori, created the Community Action Commission and appointed Don Raúl De Gregorio as its representative. In 2004, the Community Action Commission became a third-category municipality and Mr. Mauro del Castillo was voted by the people and is today the mayor of this district.
This administration has successfully and sustainably managed to attract tourism to the town while keeping its profile as a mountain village. The preservation of this essence will surely remain as the main challenge for the next generations.

Villa Pehuenia and Moquehue are very relevant destinations in Andean Patagonia due to the quality and beauty of its sceneries. The municipal authorities work to preserve natural spaces as well as the beauty of its public spaces and its neat and uniform urban layout.

Within a frame of respect and responsibility, the Municipality of Villa Pehuenia works successfully together with the local Chamber of Tourism, Industry, Commerce and Services in the planning of policies and actions to promote the district.

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