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HikingRapelThe village and its surroundings give visitors the chance to enjoy the area following trails of various degrees of difficulty which will lead them through an ancient forest to several spots of great tourist and recreational interest, such as: beaches, vantage points or picnic areas. There are also trails leading to spots of cultural interest inside the territories of the Mapuche Puel community through huge woodlands of monkey-puzzle trees, lengas and coihues. As they follow these trails, visitors will discover the secrets of the forest and the people living in it. They will share the beautiful wild scenery and enjoy the rivers, the cascades, the joint of Lakes Alumine and Moquehue, or just be delighted with the impressive mountains that make up this unbeatable landscape.

Mountain biking

Mountain bikingMountain bikeFor lovers of two wheels, there are trails with steep constant slopes and others with less difficulty for those who prefer to go for a ride. The village has a circuit where the Provincial Mountain Bike Championship is held. Bikers may go down the mountains surrounding the shire while they enjoy what nature offers: creeks and monkey-puzzle trees with a unique soil of volcanic sediment, as well as the lakes that bathe the shores of this village, within an environment of quietness and silence for sportsmen to enjoy.

River Rafting

River Rafting

This activity is practiced in the crystal-clear waters of the Aluminé River, worldwide known by fans of this sport. This waterway offers stretches for experienced visitors who wish to elevate adrenaline to the maximum extreme, riding over waves and rocks. There are also other less demanding stretches, appropriate for beginners or just tourists who wish to tour around the river. The best months for river rafting are October, November and December, when the river has its greatest volume. The rest of the year, less difficult rides are practiced.


Fishing Fishing

Lakes, lagoons, rivers and creeks make up a great variety of fishing environments irresistible for lovers of this sport. The species living in our waters are exotic rainbow, brown and fontinalis trout and the local species: the perch.

Fishing modalities in the area include: spinning, trolling and fly-casting. Outfitters offer lake outings, floating rivers and creeks or just fishing from the shore in authorized spots. This activity may be practiced both during the regular fishing season (from November thru May) as well as during the rest of the year (mandatory catch and release).

Horseback Rides

Horseback Rides Horseback RidesThis activity is an invitation to discover the village through trails that get immersed in the mountain to reach several nooks where visitors will experience a feeling of peace and quietness. These tours offer the possibility of being surrounded by immense monkey-puzzle tree woodlands, watching the exceptional local flora until one of the most outstanding panoramic sites is reached: the top of the Batea Mahuida volcano. From its top, riders may watch the beauty of the Andes Mountain Range and Lakes Alumine and Moquehue.

Nautical Activities

Actividades Náuticas Actividades Náuticas Lakes Aluminé and Moquehue offer quiet waters and an unbeatable setting to enjoy sailing on crafts with or without an engine. Our visitors may enjoy the islands and be dazzled by the countless white sandy beaches that border these magnificent water bodies.

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