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Del Arco Pass

Del Arco PassDel Arco PassThis tour consists in a 50km roundtrip to Paso del Arco, an old pass towards Chile which has now been closed. The road is made of volcanic sand, dirt and gravel and the pure woodlands of ancient monkey-puzzle trees and primitive transhumance campsites may be observed on the way. This pass used to join this area with Lonquimay or Liucura, in the Chilean territory. At the end of the tour, there is an Argentinian gendarmerie station where visitors may request for information about boundaries.

Pehuenia Circuit

Pehuenia Circuit Pehuenia CircuitA spectacular 130-kilometer-long circuit around creeks and cascades, rivers and lakes, mountains and free woodlands of monkey-puzzle trees where silence rules. An invitation to see Lakes Alumine, Moquehue, Norquinco, Nompehuen, Pulmari and a landscape dressed up in different hues according to season. Visitors are astounded by so much natural beauty.

Batea Mahuida Volcano

Batea Mahuida Volcano Batea Mahuida Volcano

Just 10 km away from the village, there lies the Batea Mahuida Snow Park, managed by the Mapuche Puel Community. Located at 1,900 m.a.s.l., the huge white blanket is ideal for the practice of all ski disciplines: downhill, cross-country, as well as snowboarding.

There are two lifts, a ski school in charge of instructors from the community and a coffee-shop with all the services at the base of the hill. Other alternatives include snowshoeing tours to the volcano and around the monkey-puzzle tree woodlands.


Batea Mahuida Volcano Batea Mahuida Volcano

In the summer, this venue becomes a very particular recreational spot where visitors may come close to the volcano base or even get immersed in the lagoon contained in its crater. From the top, the colossal Lanín, Villarrica, Llaima and Llonquimay Volcanoes may be spotted. Besides, visitors may tour around paradisiacal spots surrounded by forests and trails which may be visited either by car or on horseback by hiring an unforgettable tour guided by Mapuche riders.

Icalma Pass

Icalma PassIcalma Pass

International pass into neighboring Chile through Provincial Route 13. The first Chilean district after crossing the pass is Icalma. The access to Conguillo National Park, where the Llaima Volcano is located, lies 50km away from the milestone. The City of Temuco, the most important in Southern Chile, lies 130 km away from the pass.

Paraje La Angostura

La Angostura La Angostura

The spot where two very beautiful lakes -the Alumine and the Moquehue- join. A reserve of the Mapuche Puel community is located there. There are five lagoons in this area and, as visitors get deep into the reserve, they will find woodlands teeming with monkey-puzzle trees, lengas and coihues that will escort them on their way to beautiful river mouths and cascades. Services such as organized campsite, hiking tours or guided horseback rides are offered inside the community. The local guides will guarantee visitors a better contact with nature as well as with the native culture.

City Tour

City TourSightseeing tour around the village. It covers the areas known as Pehuenia I, II and III (on Península de los Coihues), the area including the commercial center, the Civic Center and the waterfront promenade on Lake Aluminé. This city tour also leads visitors through easily accessed trails and vantage points to visit with the family, beaches with recreation and picnic areas, a great deal of gastronomical and accommodation services. They can also appreciate the village's neat architectural features.


On the way between Villa Pehuenia and Moquehue there are easily accessed vantage points on the border of the road or at some higher spot featuring views second to none. There are both natural and well-marked balconies.


Paso del arco viewpoint: this vantage point displays the southern margin of Lake Aluminé, where its size may be appreciated almost completely, as well as the source of the river bearing the same name. It features a view of the mountains of which visitors may shoot wonderful photographs in which birds and matchless mountainous contrasts may be caught.


Cypress viewpoint: this vantage point is located on the road to the peninsula, 1 km. away from the commercial center, from where the typical mountain village architecture may be observed. It may be accessed through a main path or on foot following the trails that border lagoons and hide ecological legends and sign-posts that lead visitors to their destination.


Antennas viewpoint: located on Batea Mahuida hill, South of the volcano crater, this is a must. An unbeatable view which displays the entire area of Lakes Moquehue and Alumine and the village, the lakes narrowness and a unique view of the mountains that make up this beautiful Arauncano mountain range.


Viewpoint on the way to Moquehue: there are two vantage points on the way to Moquehue. One of them is located before the access to Batea Mahuida Hill and it displays Lakes Alumine and Moquehue almost entirely, as well as a wonderful landscape made up of lengas, monkey-puzzle trees, cypresses and all the typical flora of this beautiful district. The other vantage point lies over Lake Moquehue and it features a view of the whole lake area with its islands and also the mountain landscape with its flora, which changes according to season.


Gulf viewpoint: it is located near the blue gulf, in the area called Pehuenia I, a small peninsula with white beaches and a spot where watercrafts may be moored. It displays islands and a large part of the village architecture, as well as an area named the Gastronomic Route.


Litran viewpoint: upon entering this delightful mountain village following Route 13, before the junction with Route 23, this first vantage point features a view of Lake Alumine, the Litran River and its mouth and the access to Paso del Arco may be observed to the right.


Summit viewpoint: this is beyond any doubt the best vantage point in the area. It lies on the top of the Batea Mahuida Volcano and it displays the Lanín Volcano (Argentina), the Villarrica, the Llaima, the Lonquimay Tol Guaca (Chile), Lakes Aluminé and Moquehue with their islands and the Coíhues Peninsula. It also shows Lakes Icalma and Gallitue, the source of the Bio-Bio River and the area known as Crusaco and part of Icalma in neighboring Chile.


Lakes viewpoint: lying 3km. from the National Gendarmerie station on Provincial Route 13. The entire size of Lakes Alumine and Moquehue may be observed there as well as the urban area of Villa Pehuenia and La Angostura.

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